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1. ____ What were you so _______?
____ My son’s not passing the college entrance examination..">
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1. ____ What were you so _______?
____ My son’s not passing the college entrance examination ______ me most.
A. upset; upset about        B. upset about; upset
C. upset for; upset          D. upset; upset
2. Ms Kitty was half an hour late for the lecture, just _______ heavy traffic.
A. forB. in case of       C. in spite ofD. because of
3. It seems that most people _______ watching football game to playing it.
A. like          B. prefer          C. enjoyD. love
4. ___ I ran into the back of a truck yesterday and damaged my car badly.
___ I suppose you _______ too fast.
A. have drivenB. drove          C. were drivingD. had driven
5. ______ from what he did, he isn’t a person to depend on.
A. JudgeB. Judging        C. Judged           D. Judges
6. She devoted herself entirely ______ helping the children who suffered a lot from the earthquake.
A. inB. for            C. to               D. with
7. An exhibition of paintings _______ at the art museum when he comes back from abroad.
A. is going to hold         B. is going to be held
C. are going to hold        D. are going to be held
8. More attention should be ______ equipment in our factory so that we can increase our production.
A. paid to improving       B. paid to improve       
C. taken to improve        D. taken to improving
9. In order to become successful, you must first explore your talents and get to know yourself so as to find out ______ your real interest lies.
A. thatB. which          C. what          D. where
10. ______ David says sounds right to Helen. That’s why she has made up her mind to live with him _______ happens.
A. Whatever; whatever         B. Whatever; however
C. No matter what; whatever    D. No matter what; no matter what
11. Though lacking money and support from his family, he ______ to complete the task by himself, which brought him confidence and experience.
A. triedB. attemptedC. ran            D. managed
12. His winning the competition has ______ his confidence of himself.
A. set upB. put upC. built up        D. made up
13. ____ What has happened?
   ____ There was _______ accident here about an hour ago. ______ car hit a tree and ______ driver was killed.
A. the; A; theB. an; A; theC. an; The; aD. the; The; a
14. He is interested in farming and is ______ to know everything about the farm.
A. eagerB. anxiousC. worried         D. busy
15. When I get puzzled about some difficult problems, my teacher always encourages me and says, “ Take it ______.”
A. for grantedB. serious          C. simple          D. easy
16. The patient was warned _______ oily food after the operation.
A. to eat notB. eating not        C. not to eat        D. not eating
17. The owner of the cinema needed to make a lot of improvements and employ more people to keep it running, _______ meant spending tens of thousands of pounds.
A. whoB. that             C. whom           D. which
18. We express our thoughts ______ words and body language.
A. in terms ofB. in spite of        C. by means of      D. in case
19. A modern city has been set up in _______ was a waste land five years ago.
A. whatB. which           C. that             D. where
20. _______ taken away made his parents worried and they had to turn to the police for help.
A. Tom’sB. Tom being        C. Tom          D. Tom’s being
My family came to America in 1985.   21   of us spoke a word of English . Each morning, I disliked going to school for fear of not   22   what people were saying.
Very soon my mother noticed something was   23   me. The pain and care I saw in her moon-shaped eyes made me burst into tears. I explained to her the   24   I had of going to school. “Learning English is not   25   ,” my mother said. She cheerfully   26   the two of us work together to learn the language at home. The   27   and determination my mother had were admirable because English was as   28   to her as it was to me.
That afternoon , I saw my mother in a different light as she   29   me by the school fence. Although she was the   30   of all the mothers there, her face with her welcoming smile and big, black eyes was the most   31  . The afternoon sun shone   32   on her long , black hair creating an atmosphere that   33   her from others
My mother and I immediately began reading together and   34   five new words a day. My mother, with her encouraging   35   , made the routine fun and interesting. The fact that she was sacrificing her   36   time before going to work so that I could learn English made me see the   37   she possessed. Very soon I began to comprehend what everyone was saying,
It has been seven years since that reading   38  with my mother. She is now 43 and in her second year at college. My brother and I have a strong   39   of who we are because of the strong values my mother established for herself and her children. My   40   and gratitude for her are endless. This is why my mother is truly the guiding light of my life.
21. A. All          B. OneC. SomeD. None
22. A. hearing       B. masteringC. understanding   D. noticing
23. A. changing      B. disappointingC. hurting         D. troubling
24. A. fear          B. emotion C. sense          D. difficulty
25. A. dull          B. necessary C. impossible      D. easy
26. A. decided       B. suggested  C. promised      D. allowed
27. A. hope         B. consideration C. confidence     D. progress
28. A. new          B. strange  C. familiar        D. rough
29. A. sent for       B. picked up C. waited for     D. looked for
30. A. earliest       B. latest      C. tallest         D. shortest
31. A. promising     B. relaxing    C. confusing      D. exciting
32. A. directly       B. brightly     C. slightly       D. clearly
33. A. separated      B. distinguished C. saved         D. prevented
34. A. discussing     B. reviewing C. memorizing    D. writing
35. A. virtue         B. teaching   C. attitude        D. skill
36. A. working       B. shopping  C. learning       D. resting
37. A. determination   B. kindness    C. trick          
D. consciousness
38. A. experience     B. course      C. practice       D. comprehension
39. A. sense         B. duty        C. influence       D. intention
40. A. care          B. admiration    C. feeling         D. envy
Mails, games, music, news, chatrooms and shopping! The Internet is part of the way we live today. It’s easy to get onto the Internet. The only thing we need to do is to use a modem which is used for connecting a computer to a telephone line. The Internet is changing and growing all the time. More and more people have computers and use the Internet. Using the Internet means surfing the World Wide Web ( that’s the “www” you always hear about). The Web (网络) has large numbers of websites in it. They are the places you go to get information and do things.
Where do these websites come from? They are made by Web designers. What happens when you click on a word or a picture? You are sent to another page. It’s all because of the Web designer. Web designers do a lot of work by using a computer programming language.
41. This passage is mainly about ________.
A. computer programming language      B. the Web designers’ work
C. the website manager’s work          D. the way to get onto the Internet
42. More and more people are using the Internet because it’s _______.
A. easy and useful                    B. beautiful and funny
C. colorful and hopeful                D. the way to get onto the Internet
43. It’s possible for us to change websites by just a click because of _______.
A. the modem’s help                  B. the telephone line’s help
C. the Web designers’ work             D. the website manager’s work
44. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. “www” means “World Wide Web”.    B. There’re a few websites on the Web.
C. The Internet has changed people’s lives  
D. We can do things like shopping on the Internet.
45. The Web designers do a lot of work EXCEPT ________.
A. making the websites new and beautiful   B. writing things on the Internet
C. doing the computer programming       D. following the manager’s ideas
Jim, a successful businessman, told the experience of his childhood.
When he was 12, his parents died. He was alone and didn’t get on well with others. People always laughed at him. No one showed kindness to him.
His only friend was a dog named Tige. He gave his dog enough to eat and drink, but sometimes he was not polite to it. He didn’t know that an unkind word sometimes could cut one’s cut like a knife.
One day as he walked down the street, a young lady was walking in front of him, Suddenly one of her bags dropped from her arms. As she stopped to pick it up, she dropped other bags. He came to help her. “ Thank you, dear! You are a nice little boy!” she said kindly, smiling.
A special feeling came to him. These were first kind words he had ever heard. He watched her until she went away, and then he whistled to his dog and went directly to the river nearly.
“Thank you, dear! You are a nice little boy!” he repeated the woman’s words. Then in a low voice he said to his dog , “ You’re a nice little dog!” Tige raised its ears as if it understood.
“Uhum! Even a dog likes it!” he said. “ Well, Tige, I won’t say unkind words to you any more.” Tige waved its tail happily.
The boy thought and thought . Finally he looked at himself in the river. He saw nothing but a dirty boy. He washed his face carefully. Again he looked. He saw a clean nice boy. He was amazed. From then on, he had a new life.
After telling this, the businessman stopped for a while, and then he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very place where that kind woman planted in me the first seed of kindness. All of us should learn about kindness. What a great power it has!”
46. The boy repeated the words “ Thank you, dear! You are a nice little boy!” because ______.
A. he was thinking about the wordsB. he didn't understand the words
C. he wanted to talk to his dogD. he liked talking to himself
47. What made the boy start his new life?
A. The people laughing at himB. The kind words spoken to him
C. The hard lifeD. His lovely dog
48. He was feeling ______ when he whistled to his dog.
A. funny         B. sad         C. lonely         D. excited
49. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
A. He never took good care of his friend, Tige.
B. He usually had many friends around him.
C. He helped a young lady when her bag dropped.
D. He often washed his dirty face in the lake.
50. What’s the best title of this passage?
A. A dog and a Boy                 B. A Poor Boy’s Childhood
C. A Businessman and A Boy D. The Power of Kindness
One way of preventing floods may be by making rain. This may sound rather strange. As we know, heavy rain is the cause of floods and in Malaysia most of the floods are caused by the annual monsoon (季风), which brings heavy rain to the east coast. If, however, the rain could be made to fall in the China sea, there would be no more floods since the rain clouds would not reach the east coast.
Is it possible to make clouds give up their rain? Yes, it is, and in 1973 the National Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research ( NISIR) suggested that it would be tried. The institute knew of course that it was not possible to make all clouds give up all their rain. It calculated, however, that if the frequency of rainfall could be reduced by 10%, and the amount of rain that fell each time could be reduced by 15%, the total amount of flood damage would be reduced by 40% ~ 50%.
As you probably know, clouds are caused by air containing water-vapor. The air rises and since water-vapor becomes water when it cools, very tiny drops of water are formed. Since these drops are very small, they float in the air, and form a cloud. When the cloud rises, however, the drops become colder. Because of this, they join together and become big drops. The big drops are no longer able to float because of their weight, and they fall. As they fall, they pick up more drops and become bigger. This is the cause of rain.
51. According to the passage, one way of preventing flood is _______.
A. to bring heavy rain           
B. to make the rain clouds
C. to cause monsoon in the sea    
D. to make the rain fall in the sea before it reaches the coast
52. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. In Malaysia, the monsoon often results in floods.
B. It is likely to cause all clouds to give up all their rain.
C. The frequency of rainfall could be cut down, and so could the amount of rainfall.
D. If people found ways of reducing the amount of rainfall, there would be less flood damage.
53. What does “it” of “since water-vapor becomes water when it cools” (in para.3) refer to?
A. Cloud          B. Water        C. Water-vapor.       D. Air
54. The third paragraph is concerned with (涉及到) ________.
A. how clouds cause rain         B. how rain is formed
C. how clouds rise the air         D. why water-vapor can float in the air
55. It can be inferred from this passage that _______.
A. the higher the air rises, the higher temperature is
B. the clouds rise higher, and the water drops become smaller
C. the higher the air rises, the lower the temperature gets
D. the rain is caused by water-vapor
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